Introducing BUY/HOLD Ratings to VIPER Volatility Investing Strategy for Retail Investors

An Exciting Improvement to VIPER Volatility Investing Strategy for Retail Investors

We are proud to introduce a daily position rating to the VIPER volatility investing strategy. Included in the subject of your daily email will be VIPER’s suggested action for the trading day, based on proprietary analysis of the current market conditions.

Volatility Investing Made Easier

A daily BUY/HOLD rating is issued, making it easier than ever to create a successful strategy investing in volatility as an asset class. The BUY/HOLD rating is in addition to the established SELL rating. Previously, VIPER would initiate a new BUY signal, indicating to begin re-entering the market. We are now making it much easier to average back into a position using any interval a subscriber desires. Simply act (i.e. establish or add to an existing LONG position) on a BUY signal and do nothing when a HOLD rating is issued. The following explanation is included in the daily email:

About the BUY/HOLD rating:
BUY=signal to add to a position if desired
HOLD=signal to do nothing and wait for the next buy signal

Enhanced Clarity for Volatility Investing for Retail Investors

This enhancement provides more clarity to the retail investor. An inherent component of the VIPER strategy is that it observes retail transaction settlement rules when liquidating a LONG position.  The strategy will continue to do so with the additional guidance daily on VIPER’s analysis of the current conditions.

Happy Trading!