A Volatility Exposure Strategy For The Rest Of Us

Our strategy VIPER, for Volatility Investor Portfolio Enhancement for Retail, was created specifically to address the needs of the retail investor.  We understand the landscape.  Do any or most of these describe you?

  • You like to take an active role in managing some or all of your investments
  • You have limited capital
  • You have a standard brokerage account
  • You don't have bleeding edge software
  • You're not confident that you have the  market savvy to execute, manage and track complex strategies
  • You have minimal, if any experience with options trading
  • You know the marketplace is stacked against the retail investor

If any of the above apply to you, and you've previously felt that speculating on broader market volatility is way too sophisticated or simply out of reach of the little guy, Post6 Strategies is here to help.

Our Approach

Post6 Strategies has deep roots in the space of derivatives trading. Our combined years of experience bring a depth of knowledge to our strategy.

1. The instrument employed in the strategy is highly liquid and maintains high daily volumes. In trader speak this translates to good fills. That is, the amount paid or received upon market entry will be in reasonable proximity to the current market without effort on the participant's part.  A retail trader is not capable of affecting the order flow machinations enough based on the overall trading frequency of the strategy to create a meaningful impact.  Therefore, in summary, we're not concerned that your trading will affect ours or vice-versa.

2. Complementary to point 1, the strategy does not trade often. Relative to other strategies it trades remarkably seldom. Also, it's not difficult to employ the strategy; therefore it's not difficult to track. We are confident a retail trader can handle the effective execution of the strategy if the daily emails are followed.

3.  We truly believe this knowledge is valuable and it represents a remarkable opportunity for the "little guy" to do something that previously was not possible without tremendous effort, if at all.  Combining this notion with 1 and 2 above, and you have a great combination for the steadfast investor, and for a fee we'll pass the knowledge on.  It's that simple.

Why Let the Pros Have All the Fun ?

We've said it before:  the returns speak for themselves.  VIPER enables the retail investor intelligent, careful access to what we think is the right side of the volatility trade.