Wall Street Climbs A “Wall of Worry” – The VIX Index Is The Gauge.

VIPER Volatility Investing Strategy for Retail Investors Is Your Guide.

The VIX has become a fairly common term of late, making its way into the nomenclature of “sophisticated” retail investing. It’s also, perhaps, the most misunderstood; and the multitude of products (futures, options, ETNs/ETFs) to trade it are the most misused in the retail space.

At Post6 Strategies, we believe step one for any curious, mystified, uninitiated and/or previously “burned” retail investor is to be armed with a baseline understanding of how these products work.  Once you understand how they work, you can make informed decisions.  When you choose to follow our strategy you will see the concepts in action.  If you decide to go it alone, you will be much better equipped.

A Volatility Exposure Strategy For The Rest Of Us

Our strategy VIPER, for Volatility Investor Portfolio Enhancement for Retail, was created specifically to address the needs of the retail investor.  We understand the landscape.  Do any or most of these describe you?

  • You like to take an active role in managing some or all of your investments
  • You don’t have unlimited capital
  • You don’t have bleeding edge software
  • You have a standard brokerage account
  • You’re not confident that you have the  market savvy to execute, manage and track complex strategies
  • You probably don’t have much, if any experience with options trading
  • You know the marketplace is stacked against the retail investor

If any of the above apply to you, and you’ve previously felt that speculating on broader market volatility is way too sophisticated or simply out of reach of the little guy, Post6 Strategies is here to help.

We invite you to follow VIPER. We are actively engaged in this successful strategy, and we think it is particularly well suited for retail investors. It trades minimally, and attempts, through years of experience, to avoid dramatic missteps. Best of all, the returns speak for themselves.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your portfolio a booster shot!

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